Megalodon mosasaurus: win? - fossilera., Sometimes we get rather interesting questions through the contact for at fossilera. one person wondered who we thought would win in a hypothetical fight between two of the top, prehistoric marine predators, megalodon and the mosasaurus. so here goes.. both were apex predators of the sea while they. Megalodon – wikipedie, Megalodon (carcharocles megalodon, v překladu velký zub) je vyhynulý druh žraloka, který žil před asi 23 až 2,6 milionu let během období od raného miocénu do svrchního pliocénu.o systematice tohoto tvora probíhaly debaty. dle jedněch názorů patřil do čeledi lamnovití (lamnidae) a byl blízkým příbuzným velkého žraloka bílého (carcharodon carcharias), dle druhých. Scary truth megalodon eating whales - business insider, The giant ancient shark megalodon could attack and eat large whales with a bite force of 2000 pounds, as last year's shark week mythbusters special showed..

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Great white shark - wikipedia, Ancestry fossil record. earliest fossils great white shark 16 million years , mid-miocene epoch., phylogeny great white dispute. original hypothesis great white' origins shares common ancestor prehistoric shark, . megalodon. . megalodon teeth superficially . Jaws megalodon add- | minecraft pe mods & addons, This add- replaces guardian elder guardian vicious sharks. mobs include jaws megalodon ocean scary!. The 1918 port stephens shark – megalodon?, In summary, safely dismiss 1918 account undoubtedly – hungry, albino rhincodon typus, sharks – opportunistic feeder. megalodon exist?.

Megalodon Shark Lifespan

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Megalodon Shark Vs Mosasaurus

Stock dinosaurs (-dinosaurs) / notes – tv tropes, A page for describing usefulnotes: stock dinosaurs (non-dinosaurs). the following prehistoric animals, to quote lore sjoberg, "are not technically speaking …. Stock…

Megalodon Shark Mouth Size

Megalodon: monster shark’ dead, Megalodon is dead. this shouldn’t come as a shock. the fossil record is clear that after about 14 million years of feasting on marine mammals, the…

Megalodon Shark Diet

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